About Me

Welcome to my new blog!

First a little about me. I live in outside of Hawk Point Missouri, in a subdivision with about 7 acres. I am 59 years old. Grew up in the little town of Canton, Missouri, which is about 30 miles north of Hannibal, Missouri. I attended the University of Missouri-Rolla and graduated with a degree in Petroleum Engineering. I worked for the EPA in Atlanta Georgia for 3 years as an environmental engineer and have worked for the last 31 years at the Department of Energy Weldon Spring Site. The Weldon Spring Site was a clean-up site and is now mainly monitoring and maintenance.

I love living in the country and raising chickens, ducks, and turkeys, plus I have a peacock roaming around. I love to garden and can.

The purpose of this blog is to provide people like me with information related to learning new homestead type activities, such as gardening, canning, raising chickens, making bread, pasta, etc. I also plan to post some of my favorite recipes. Some of my recipes are completely original and some are modified from recipes I have looked up. Easy recipes! I also plan to post some recipes that I have recently been using that are made or modified for just 2 people. Homestead in my title may be somewhat misleading as I don’t really consider my home a homestead, just a place to learn more about a self-sufficient lifestyle and learn new skills. My way of doing things is certainly not perfect and not all natural. I have a full-time job, so a lot of this can be considered more like a hobby than a lifestyle. Also, if there is a simple way to do things that is the way I do it! So, if you like to learn and do these types of things in your spare time, this is the page for you! Like I said, I am just getting started, but I have a lot of ideas about upcoming projects and posts! Just to get started I would like to post some pictures of images that represent my interests and things I will be posting about.

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