Canning Rotisserie Chicken and Making Bone Broth from Leftovers

Rotisserie chicken home-canned in a pint jar

This canning rotisserie chicken and making bone broth from the leftover bones is one of my favorite things to do to stock the pantry. My favorite place to get rotisserie chicken is at Sam’s Club. The plump and juicy rotisserie chickens are only $4.98 each! I think Costco has a similar deal on the rotisserie chickens or you can get them at your local grocery store or Walmart.

3 rotisserie chickens from Sam's Club

For this recipe I used 2 rotisserie chickens. I used the 3rd rotisserie chicken to make home-canned healthy chicken soup.

Detailed Steps for Canning Rotisserie Chicken

The first step is to remove the chicken meat from the bones.

Separated chicken from the whole rotisserie chicken

Then add the chicken meat to the canning jars. Leave a 1-inch headspace.

adding rotisserie chicken meat to canning jars for canning
jars filled with rotisserie chicken for canning

Add hot chicken broth to the jars leaving the 1-inch headspace. There is also an option to add a half teaspoon salt to each jar.

Adding chicken broth to the jars of rotisserie chicken for canning
Adding hot broth to the jars using the hot pack method
hot chicken broth added to canning jars of chicken

Wipe the rims of the jars, remove the air bubbles, and add the canning lids and screw bands.

Removing air bubbles when canning rotisserie chicken
Removing air bubbles

Chicken or any meat are low acid foods and require pressure canning as opposed to a water bath canner. See my article on beginners guide to canning for a complete guide on canning.

Place the filled jars into the pressure canner and process according to your canner’s instructions. The processing time for pint jars 75 minutes. Process quart jars for 90 minutes.

I use the NESCO Electric Pressure Canner. I have included step by step instructions on how to use the NESCO Electric Canner on my website.

five jars of chicken in pressure canner for canned beef stew recipe

When the canning process is complete and the canner has had time to depressurize, remove the hot jars with a jar lifter and place jars on a dish towel on the counter and do not disturb for 24 hours.

Jars of complete home-canned rotisserie chicken

Other Methods for Canning Chicken

Using rotisserie chicken is not the only way to can chicken. You can also use chicken breasts or chicken pieces from a whole regular chicken. Chicken can also be canned using raw chicken and putting raw meat pieced in the jar using the raw pack method. I think using cooked chicken gives the best taste to home-canned chicken.

Making Homemade Bone Broth from the Leftover Bones

One of the best parts about canning the rotisserie chicken is making homemade chicken broth from the leftover chicken carcass and bones.

Use this recipe that I put together for making the bone broth in a roaster oven. It makes 9 to 10 quarts of lovely, healthy, delicious bone broth. Homemade bone broth can also be make in an instant pot as included in another one of my recipes.

bone broth simmering in roaster
8 jars of bone broth made in a roaster oven and then canned

Enjoy the Results of Canning the Rotisserie Chicken

Canning chicken results in having chicken on your pantry shelf whenever you need it. It is great to have this healthy chicken with no added preservatives and knowing what is in the jar. This chicken is ready to be used in soups, stews, casseroles or for chicken salad, for many quick meals.

Home food preservation is such a great way to save on the grocery store and have shelf stable and healthy meals and other food ready to eat in your pantry.

The above general method can be used to can a variety of meats including beef, wild game, beef stew, ground meat, pork shoulder and turkey. Canning soups and stews is very similar, basically just smaller pieces of meat and vegetables.

For more of my canning recipes and other favorite great recipes, plus posts about other homestead-type activities, such as gardening and raising chickens, go to my website at For updates, please follow my Facebook page at Hawk Point Hobby Homestead.

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Rotisserie chicken home-canned in a pint jar

Rotisserie Chicken Canning Recipe

Yield: 5 pints

Canning rotisserie chicken and making bone broth from the leftover bones is a great way to stock the pantry.


  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Chicken Broth


  1. Add the cooked rotisserie chicken to the canning jars leaving 1-inch headspace
  2. Add hot broth leaving 1-inch headspace
  3. Wipe the jar rims, remove air bubbles and add lids
  4. Pressure can for 75 minutes for pints, 90 minutes for quarts
  5. Remove the jars and set on counter for 24 hours
  6. Use this recipe to make bone broth from the leftover carcasses and bones

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