Watermelon Lemonade Concentrate Canning Recipe

Glass of watermelon lemonade with the fruit

This watermelon lemonade concentrate canning recipe is such an easy way to have a refreshing drink ready to go at any time. Who doesn’t love watermelon and lemonade! Canning this concentrate allows you to have this delicious summer drink ready to make even during the cold days of winter!

This takes just 3 ingredients and you can have this refreshing lemonade with the wonderful taste of watermelon at a moment’s notice. This watermelon lemonade is the perfect summer drink for BBQs, picnics, poolside parties and more! Easy to make and so incredibly refreshing!

Lemonade is delicious on it’s own but the addition of sweet watermelon makes this flavored lemonade something special for sure. 

watermelon for watermelon lemonade concentrate

Ingredients for Watermelon Lemonade Concentrate

  • 6 cups of pureed watermelon (About 1/2 of medium watermelon)
  • 4 cups of Lemon Juice (fresh or bottled)
  • 2 to 6 cups Sugar
  • Note: The original Ball recipe calls for 6 cups of sugar. I have seen similar versions that use as low as 4. I only used 2 cups of sugar and thought it was good, but I like my lemonade more tart than sweet and try to avoid sugar in my diet as much as possible. So basically add sugar to your preference and taste.
  • This concentrate is added to 1 to 3 parts water depending again on your taste. I used 3 parts water.

Detailed Steps for Making Watermelon Lemonade Concentrate for Canning

The first step to make the watermelon lemonade concentrate for canning is to cut up the watermelon and puree in a food processor.

There is an option to strain the pureed watermelon through a sieve, but I just used it as is from the food processor with the couple little seeds and it turned out fine. Add 6 cups of pureed watermelon to a large stock pot.

Adding watermelon to the pot for watermelon lemonade concentrate

Add the lemon juice and sugar to the pot.

Adding sugar to the watermelon lemonade mixture

Gently heat the mixture to around 190 degrees, but do not boil. Stir and make sure the sugar is dissolved. Ladle the hot watermelon lemonade mix to pint jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace.

Remove air bubbles, wipe the rims and place lids on the jars. Add the filled hot mason jars to the boiling water bath canner with a jar lifter. For information on canning see my article about a guide to beginning canning.

Putting jar of strawberry lemonade concentrate in canner with a jar lifter

I use the Ball electric water bath canner for water bath canning and love it.

Remove the hot jars from the boiling water bath with a jar lifter and place jars on a dish towel on the counter. Do not disturb for 24 hours.

Jars of watermelon lemonade concentrate after canning


watermelon lemonade

Each pint of concentrate will make a gallon of strawberry lemonade. Just add 1 pint of home-canned concentrate to 3 pints water and serve over ice. The amount of water is subject to taste, I did like it with 3 pints of water.

Glass of watermelon lemonade with the fruit

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