Canning Potatoes

A great money saver and so easy!

One of the items I can and then use the most is potatoes. I was always buying potatoes, because you never know when you want to cook them, and then letting them go bad. There is nothing worse than finding rotten potatoes in your pantry! Now I buy bags of potatoes on sale and then can them up. I love using home-canned potatoes. The main way I use them is by seasoning them and grilling them on my Blackstone grill. They are delicious! Here is a yummy picture of my grilled potatoes.

Soak the potatoes

Pack the potatoes into the canning jars Using the dry canning method

Process the potatoes in a pressure canner


Grilling my home-canned potatoes


So delicious!  Can also add peppers and onions to the jar