Elderflower Salve Recipe - With Anti-Aging Skin Benefits

I recently discovered three elderberry trees on my property. It was exciting, because I had always heard of the health benefits of elderberry syrup and other products made from elderberries. The trees had beautiful cream-colored flowers and that is how I identified them.

Elderflowers contains anti-oxidants that protect against sun and other free-radical damage. They are also full of Vitamins A, B, C, and E, which improve complexion.


–Dried elderflower blossoms and a Carrier Oil, which can include sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, or olive oil, to make your infused oil – 1 cup of the infused oi l – 2 Tbsp. beeswax – 1 Tbsp. shea butter

How to Make Elderflower Salve

To make salves, balms, lotions, and lotion bars, you need to start with an infused oil.

The first step to make an oil infusion is to dry the flowers or herbs. You can let the plants air dry by spreading them in a single layer on a dish towel or paper towel and let them dry for several days. The other option is to use a dehydrator set at a low setting.

Dried Elderflower

Create the elderflower-infused oil with the dried elderflower blossoms and the carrier oil- See the link for details on different methods for making the infused oil

Heat the infused oil in a double boiler Add the beeswax and shea butter Heat and stir until the beeswax and shea butter are completely melted

When the beeswax and shea butter are melted, pour the mixture, which will be in liquid form, into 2- ounce tins or glass jars. Option is to add essential oils or scents and also to add mica powder for color.

Let the homemade salve set up and harden. It does not take very long.

Enjoy making and using this elderflower salve made from natural ingredients and medicinal flowers with the anti-aging benefits!